What our client's say:
"This signage was very high end with professional finish and consideration was given for its longevity. The great thing about it was that it could be specifically designed for purpose giving it an exact fit to the required purpose, it was bespoke therefore could fit exactly with the corporate style and or the environment where it was being placed."
Because it could be bespoke it enabled person centred fit, which is exactly what I needed from the product The design is underpinned by the principles of dementia friendly design and the images created by Grant again can be exactly marred to the person allowing meaning to the person whom the sign is designed for
"Grant as a designer creates incredible designs and has unquestionable vision, but also has a great understanding of dementia and working to enhance the lives of those with dementia is strongly evident in his work."
I have worked 20 years in the care industry and never come across anything as good as this, its a really positive contribution to those of us who are committed to enriching and enhancing the lives of those we work with in care.